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How Do I know What Offers to Promote

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Timi18, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Timi18

    Timi18 Affiliate affiliate

    I have always wondered how to know the best offers to promote, If there were some magical ways or if there were some mechanisms that one could use to stalk the best or top converting offers.

    One way you can know could be from suggestions from you affiliate manager however, the surest ways I have found that works best is the Test Tracking and Optimization method.

    Once you have determined the type of offers you would like to promote the next safe step to take is to test. Some offers are good and would convert well with some traffic sources while some others would not and the only way to distinguish converting from non-converting offers is to test. If you own a website or are building your own landing page test different designs, different landing pages. On your landing page, test different headlines, colors and fonts as much as you can. If you use search PPC traffic test different key words and see which one has the best conversion rate.

    The ugly truth is that even the most experienced affiliates and online marketers do not know what offers to promote from the long list of offers available on their respective affiliate networks.

    Just as you are testing, it is very crucial to keep track of the details of your conversions. Keep a record of how many sales you got from using a particular landing page as against another, or the amount of conversions you got using a particular keyword (for PPC traffic sources) and what geos converted best.

    Next is to optimize. Optimizing your campaign means you focus and put in more into the campaign after have tested as much as possible and you now have information on what landing pages, key word or traffic source is converting well. Optimizing means you, now that you have identified the best tools that would bring you results you increase your bid at your traffic source. the more you bid the cleaner your traffic and more targeted it becomes.

    Testing Tracking and Optimization should be a continuous process this because there are a lot of things you can keep adjusting and tweaking to improve your campaigns.

    Lets Make more money and smile to the bank...:)
  2. newbidder
  3. Haider khan

    Haider khan Affiliate affiliate

  4. Timi18

    Timi18 Affiliate affiliate

    You are welcome, can I know the niche you major on if I can help out?
  5. DennisIPedersen

    DennisIPedersen Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Try alittle of each with a small budget and find your way in the dark!
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