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How do I get sales using Affiliates?




I am actively involved with several websites including Internet Marketing - I am setting up a membership site where people can join for $30 per month and have access to PLR products, ebooks on various subjects all with resale rights. (I am new to this - so if this is in the wrong place - please let me know.)

The initial total number of products will be 4,000 from day 1, this is due to go live August 1st.

Can anyone advise me on how to market this, as I have several lists but not on this niche - the split would be 50/50 for the first month, then 70/30 (30 for affiliate) as long as the referred party is a member - for example:

1 Affiliate refers 20 people -- Month 1 = $15 x 20 = $300

20 people stay members -- Month 2 = $10 x 20 = $200
Same Affiliate gets another 20 people Month 2 = $15 x 20 = $300
Month 2 = $500

Thank you for your attention.

Linda Buquet

Hi Welcome to 5 Star.

So you have this whole thing planned out right down to the prices and commission...
and you have 4,000 products lined up...
and you are planning to launch this membership site in a couple weeks???

But you don't know how to set up a membership site? That seems odd.

I can't help you because I don't deal with membership sites.
just curious how you ended up with this big plan and launch date
when you don't even know how to lay the foundation?

Or are you just trying to generate some pre-release publicity?

When someone comes here making their 1st post, laying out numbers
like that and asking a question like "how do you do this" it just makes me scratch my head.


Membership site.

Sorry Linda,

the question was how do you generate or create Affiliate relationships to resell your product?

Like you say, I have the website sorted - almost! And the launch date, too.

It wasn't supposed to be a blatant plug for the site - that's why I didn't include the URL. I have several lists of subscribers however not in this niche - so I thought I would ask the question - it appears I asked it incorrectly.

I have the product, the website - how do I get sales using Affiliates? (I think that's the right question I need answers too.)

If anyone can answer it, please advise.:eek:

Linda Buquet

Thanks for clarifying.

now that you have edited your original post to say
"How do I get sales using affiliates"
instead of "how do I launch a membership site"
it makes more sense that you would come here to ask the question.

In the original post it sounded like you were asking about the
logistics of how to build a membership site, like what software to
use and how to construct it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Anyone have any tips?


much appreciated- I must point out I am not one of those people who try to take advantage of a situation - it was WAS MY fault 0 I asked the question in the wrong way- in future i will ask the question right!

A learning curve for me!:eek: