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How can I make reliable content

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by jyramones, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. jyramones

    jyramones New Member

    My name is Syafrizal, i'm also a newbie in affiliate marketing. I just don't know how to start. Well almost. But I do know how to build a website. If I'm too occupied with searching for that one niche market that i'm interested of, I might as well just use those templates that can be found freely. Anyway, my question is how can I make a reliable content? Can i take let say a review of a gadget from other website? Can they allow it? How can I say about a particular product? How can i make the description of a product that really sounds like a presell kind of statement?
  2. terraleads
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me


    Sorry I haven't answered sooner. My carpal has been acting up so I have not been able to type much and this would require a long answer.

    In a nutshell you can't steal content. There are many free articles however that allow reprinting as long as you give the author credit. So thats one way. However most articles have been copied and re-used many times so they arent that good for search engine benefits.

    Many times the merchant will have customer reviews and/or testimonials on their site. I would think you could use those, but should ask permission to be safe.

    Can anyone else chip in with some content ideas?
  4. Jenyfari

    Jenyfari Affiliate affiliate

    If you have a bit of money to spend you could get some writers to create some articles for you. Two sites where you can hire authors are elance.com or rentacoder.com. You can get articles written for as low as $3 but you get what you pay for so make sure you read some sample articles from any potential authors before you hire them.
  5. Hags

    Hags Affiliate affiliate

    Hello - Here from the UK

    Hi - I am a new member here and joined yesterday so have not had a chance to introoduce myself as yet.
    When I saw this post I thought I would send a few suffestions.
    One of the best ways is to obviously write content yourself which is not very difficult. Use ither peoples conetnt to give you ideas and a skeleton and then write in your own words.
    You can take PLr content but ususally it is not of brilliant quality unless you belog to one of the more reputable PLR memberships.
    You still need to change the PLR content and make it your own.
    What you must remember is that people like reading from someone who writes straight from the heart and you need to make a connection.
    One the best places to get unique content written for you that I've seen is a place called
    www.Need-An-Article.com ( No affiliate link) .
    I have been a member here since it started and its grown tremendously because the quality of the articles ar superb and start only at $5

    Again if you are starting - I suggest you make a swipe file and write your own initially and use the swipe file and other articles as a starting point.

    Take care
    By The way I am from the Uk and have been marketing for around 2 years full time since packing my offline business after 30 years.
    Love this business to bits.

  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi Hamant.

    Welcome to 5 Star and thanks for contributing.`We appreciate it!
  7. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    For solid unique content it will either take hard work from you or those you hire to write your articles. There are many products on the web that claim to rewrite articles and all that jazz. Don't waste your time. Get into the habit of writing an article a day for your business. In time your writing and ad copy will improve. DON'T submit your articles to all of the article directories. You will have more success by submitting one unique article to a different repository such as EzineArticles , US Free Ads or Searchwarp .

    NO, I would not take a review from another website or use the prefabricated review ad copy you'll receive when you sign up for an affiliate program. If you're having trouble writing a review purely use one you like as a guideline.

    If you're going to write presell pages of a product you should really purchase the product. As an affiliate marketer I would be lying to say I purchase everything I promote. However, the best presell pages you'll ever be able to create are for products you've personally purchased and have an intimate knowledge of. Take a picture of you with the product, screenshots, and really give your potential prospect an indepth review of the product and why it's beneficial to them as it was to you.
  8. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Also when writing pre-sell content focus on BENEFITS not features.
    Now that goes without saying and everybody says it - but here is what I mean.

    The merchant copy may be filled with specs and tech info. Thin about WHY the person would want to buy it and what problems it could solve for the consumer. Many merchants don't do this well so it can be an opportunity for affiliates to shine.

    GREAT EXAMPLE: IF you are an affiliate for a fishing store -
    you are not JUST selling fishing poles, rods, reels and tackle...
    You are also selling relaxation, excitement and competitive success.

    Making up some BOGUS lines just for an example.

    "Imagine how you'll feel kicking back with this rig in your hands."
    "Remember how exciting it was to catch your 1st fish?"
    "Want to catch more fish than your buddies?"

    Not great examples off the top of my head, but think about how if you put yourself in the users shoes and talked about the EMOTIONS that go with the product, how much more compelling it would be. Then you expand on the subject line and write a whole paragraph about that aspect about the enjoyment of owning the product.

    Another similar technique is to help the person visualize already owning it.
    "So you're tired after work and decide to hit your favorite fishing hole for a little R&R before dusk. The other guys aren't having any luck, but you decide to give it a try anyway. You decide to try out your new XYZ rod and reel with the ABC jig. Imagine how it feels when your 3rd cast you snag a 16 lb bass! Can you picture the look of envy on all the other fisherman's faces?"

    What I did was just write a little fiction, I made up a little story and it took me less than 30 seconds. Put yourself in the users shoes and start writing. I didn't even think about purposely adding keywords, they came naturally because I was writing for the user, not search engines. Now if I went back and proofed my copy, tweaked some keywords it would be better.

    This is one of the main reasons I suggest affiliates start with a niche they know about, are familiar with and hopefully passionate about. It's much easier to write content if you know what you are talking about. I could not have quickly whipped up those fishing lines if I didn't love fishing and had never been. I could have researched to come up with some ideas. But so much easier if you've experienced it yourself.

    DISCLAIMER - the above examples are not the only or best ways to write content, just a couple ideas and food for thought.
  9. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome Linda. Honestly, we need to make this an invite only affiliate forum. We're letting too much out of the bag and now the market will be flooded with primetime marketers in 2007. LOL! Great info! :D
  10. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Thanks Stephen, just shooting ideas off the top of my head.
    Maybe I should become an affiliate myself or write an ebook. :p
    Choke, did I say the ebook word??? :p
  11. EnigmaValdez

    EnigmaValdez New Member

    Quality content

    There are two main ways to go about offering quality content.

    1. You write it yourself from your own knowledge and resources. Think about all of the books, videos, tapes, kits, and manuals you've read on your subject and area of expertise. You could be writing articles for days. Make sure though, if you are writing from a book to put it into your own words.

    2. Hire a freelance copywriter. As it was suggested, the cheap article writers will probably give you cheap articles. Another point is that you'd want your articles to be SEO'd. So a copywriter or article writer with a basic knoweldge of SEO techniques would be able to write valuable content, while at the same time sprinkling enough keywords into the articles to optimize your site.

    All the best!
    Enigma Valdez
  12. nico40

    nico40 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi l am new to the forum but have enjoyed reading this thread, yes it's real easy to get original new and fresh content written for you at no or little cost to yourself if you follow this simple plan....well it works for me .

    all you have to do is do some research finding the niche you want to persue and the keywords you want to use, when you have done that just put your main keyword into google or any of major search engines and go to advanced search, when you are there it will have a pull down menu halfway down the page click on it and you will several options to continue search, several of them give you the rights to copy change or do whatever you want to do with the content.

    My next favourite method og getting free content to use is to either visit the google or yahoo groups.....here's an example of whatl do......

    last year l visited a group for labrador lovers and after l joined asked them for advice and stated l wanted to know as many tips of how to care and pick a labrador puppy.

    Inside a month l got over 4000 emails all into a throwaway account at yahoo with all kinds of advice and inside tips from experts and labrador lovers.

    All l did was some simple editing and put together a pdf called 4000 inside tips for choosing and caring for your labrador puppy, who did l sell it too?

    Well l already had a list of over 4000 email addresess, sure enough a few of them purchased the guide and it is selling still today, l use the content for webapges, articles, press releases etc.

    you can repeat rinse and wash for any given subject or keyword . hope that helps you some regards Peter
  13. toughgong

    toughgong New Member

    Here's a software that you can use to generate fresh content. It takes your old content and transform them into new ones. And, You can use it to generate as many articles as you wish. Check it out at http://www.websitecontentwizard.com/. I use it and its great.

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