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Hot Tool for Affiliate Research - New from Google

Linda Buquet

Searching for that perfect illusive niche that gets lots of traffic but is not too competitive in the search engines, is a challenge that affiliates invest lots of time in. Even with existing sites, key word research is a constant activity that keeps us all busy. Adwords just released a new tool that will come in very handy and deserves a bookmark. I've been using it all morning for KW PPC research and LOVE IT!!! You can plug in a whole list of key phrases and it will tell you the Search Volume (with a nice little graph), Estimated Avg. CPC (high, low and avg.), Estimated Clicks / Day, Estimated Cost / Day. One of the great things about it for affiliates, is you can go right to it and use it without even having an Adwords account. I'm sure it will be really helpful for affiliates that use Adsense, but also is a good tool for regular affiliate site and SEO research. JenSense reports.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">New AdWords Tool Useful For Publishers -</a></strong> "When people talk about what a possible click in AdSense might be worth in a new subject area, they tend to refer to the Yahoo Search Marketing Bid Tool... Fortunately for advertisers and publishers alike, Google AdWords has launched their own estimator tool for CPC and traffic data, and publishers will find this tool will be much more useful in estimating what a possible EPC will be on a new subject area... it is nice for giving rough estimations when you are considering a site in a new niche market area that you might not have previous experience in."</blockquote>
Play with the new <a target="_new" href="">AdWords Traffic Estimator here</a> and bookmark it.



Great tool! Some people really wonder if they would be able to afford Adwords. I checked my site and their keywords and I got approx. 8000 clicks per/day for the keyword 'india' which would be approx. $3000. Thus, this tool really helps in determining the CPC. :D
Good find.
Thanks for sharing. :)