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HOT KW Tool Reviews by SEOBook

Linda Buquet

I'm a KW tool collector myself and have tons bookmarked, but have not had time to try many of them. Some tools are just a plain waste of time and I just plain don't have ANY time to waste.

So big thanks to Nick from ThreadWatch for turning me onto this very in-depth and well done review of numerous SEO key word type tools.

Aaron Walls the author of shares this great review.
Compare SEO & PPC Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Tools: Keyword Intelligence vs WordTracker vs Keyword Discovery vs Overture Search Term Suggestion vs Google Keyword Sandbox vs Google Suggest, etc :)

Read about them all then come back to share the ones you like. I have a couple good ones that weren't on Aaron's list that I will try to come back and talk about this weekend too.

Thanks Aaron!