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Hot do I add my domain name to my chaturbate whitelabel

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by BillJobs, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. BillJobs

    BillJobs Affiliate affiliate

    First things first, I know this sounds really easy and yes chaturbate gives instructions, which i'm trying to follow but they simply aren't working.When i search online its asif chaturbate gave me a complete different set of instructions to follow. Im going to try and explain this the best i can and give as much information as I can. I think I added the xxxxx.chaturbate.com thing to my freenom dns records correctly because then something else came up instead of it ( the instructions to get my www.xxxxxx.tk website)

    When I go to 'whitelabel', it says my domain (https://www.xxxxxxx.tk) is inactive

    I click on manage and it says 'DNS Record is incorrect: Incorrect CNAME record. Please set to cname.whitelabel.chaturbate.com.
    DNS Records may take a few hours to update.'

    DNS Setup
    To setup your whitelabel domain you must set a CNAME record for every subdomain pointing to exactly cname.whitelabel.chaturbate.com. the dot at the end is required. Do not replace "whitelabel" with your whitelabel name.

    IN CNAME cname.whitelabel.chaturbate.com.
    Important: You must remove the previous A record for whitelabels if set

    I have a free Freenom domain and these are the fields to type something into.
    (sometimes you dont have to type anything into the NAME field i noticed)

    Name Type TTL Target

    What do i need to add in each of these boxes.
    Ive tried adding 'cname.whitelabel.chaturbate.com.' with the dot into the TARGET field with and without the IP adrdress or WWW in the 'NAME' section. Of course i added 'CNAME' and they had the TTL set as 14440 by default.
    Remember they specifically said 'the dot at the end is required'
    Well i typed that shit in WITHOUT THE FUCKING DOT and it worked. They accepted my DNS record and they didnt say 'error'.
    If anyone knows how to do this and can show me id really appreciate it. I know they give out instructions but we're not all like Albert

  2. Voluum
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    most DNS web interfaces add the . at the end for you

    Smart web interfaces will strip the tailing . that you append to their form :p

    live.exxxxe.com.         21599   IN      CNAME   www.yxxxxxxxxxlive.com.
    www.yxxxxxxxxxlive.com.    299     IN      A       95.xxx.xxx.40
  4. Peter Johansson

    Peter Johansson Affiliate affiliate

    I follow this one, have some interest in theese things
  5. vincent louwage

    vincent louwage Affiliate affiliate

    finally got my affiliate chaturbate,,,,this at www,climaxxcams.com visit once but still got question,,,i do affiliate for chaturbate since june and have already more than 2000 hits but didn t get money for it what i do with thath,,,,,
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Vincent, this thread is about the DNS and CNAME settings for a Chaturbate white label.
    Start a thread in the Adult Marketing forum Adult Marketing or reply to a thread on the subjects of marketing cams or specifically Chaturbate if you can find one in that forum.
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