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Hometracks New Site



Calling all affiliates

I am pleased to announce the launch of new consumer site!

NEW SITE!...................NEW LAYOUT!....................NEW USER EXPERIENCE!

The new layout coupled to the new products are expected to generate a considerable rise in sales, which is good news to us ALL.

Hometrack are now offering another unique service to the UK market.

'Todays Prices'
find out what past prices in your area could be worth NOW from ?1.90. There are sites offering the basic Land Reg Comps but Hometrack yet again offer more! consumers get the deed

price and a 'Todays Price' valuation.
This product is expected to sell extremely well. Although it carries a relatively low unit cost, the volume of sales expected should boost commission's substantialy.

Users that visit the Hometrack site are now given the choice of the in-depth property valuation ?19.95 or the cheaper 'Todays prices' report, thus greatly increasing the chance of conversion.

Consumers are offered products that are industry leading in the content and quality of the information they provide.

The Hometrack range of property reports have been newly re-designed and launched to deliver valuable and highly accurate detail, so whether you are buying, selling or simply want to find more about an area,we provide the very latest information.

Our products include:

Todays Prices ?1.90

Property Valuation ?19.95

Please take a look at the new site and I'm sure you will agree that NOW is the time to start promoting Hometrack.

I would be more than happy to forward the Hometrack and program details to any affiliates who are considering joining the program, or you can visit the affiliate sign-up at:

Join us now and take your share of an extremely fast moving product and sector with the premium independent property research and database company in the UK.

Join now, start promoting, start earning!