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Holiday SEO/SEM Tips

Linda Buquet

(From my ThreadWatch blog and the 5 Star Blog.)

Is your SEO/SEM strategy geared up for the upcoming Holiday season? Here are some great suggestions about things you may have overlooked and a checklist to get you ready to do search marketing for the upcoming online holiday shopping frenzy. "Let?s get ready for ChrismaRamaChanaKwanzivus!" iMedia Connection's search Editor Kevin Ryan writes:

"Let?s get ready for ChrismaRamaChanaKwanzivus...
Translation: Christmas-Ramadan-Chanukah-Kwanza-Festivus ...

That?s right, folks, it?s time for the big retail cash-in for the holidays, and our focus will once again turn to the big afterthought in advertising: search engine marketing. Over the last few weeks, I have had the distinct pleasure of helping out with holiday search practices as we accumulate last year?s data, next year?s hopefuls, and plan for the big seasonal search love-in."
iMedia Connection: SearchThis: Search & the Holiday Season

After you read this - come tell us if you are you ready for the Holidays or share your ideas or even goals for the coming Christmas shopping season...


Getting there. I still have a few ideas to implement on my sites that aren't exactly shopping oriented, but their visitors might just go for some product recommendations.