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Hire php developer in London start from $3.99 !!!! Hurry book your programmer today

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by swoopodeveloper, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. swoopodeveloper

    swoopodeveloper Affiliate affiliate

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY: www.hire-phpdeveloper.com:thumbsup::dance2:
    Our Rates start from $3.99 Per Hour!! Our Rates start from $3.99 Per Hour!!
    Hire/Freelancer a web developer in United Kingdom , England , Leicester | Hire/Freelancer php/Cakephp programmer in United Kingdom , England, Leicester /Hire/Freelancer dedicated php/Cakephp developer in United Kingdom , England, Leicester/ Hire/freelancer php/Cakephp dedicated programmer in united kingdom , England, Leicester

    • Are you looking for dedicated webmaster / ecommerce developer for your business?
    • Are you looking for freelancer PHP programmer who can maintain your website regularly?
    • Are you looking for simple and highly professional website for your new business?
    • Are you looking for web development with PHP and finding right company or consultant?
    All this question answer is hire-phpdeveloper.com, Hire-phpdeveloper will help you to make new website, help you to maintain your website or in upgrade of your website.
    Hire-phpdeveloper has high skilled developer who can make right solution for your business or as per your requirement/expectation from one experience IT Company. Many times , Client have to concern with IT consultant for the right solution of problem but when you come up with your problem or project , Hire-phpdeveloper will consultant you and provide you right and highly accepted solution.
    How Hire-PHPdeveloper work?

    • We have highly skilled business analyst which have strong knowledge of IT and Management they will study your project and provide you full documentation. Full documentation will explain you how we will take of project and how we will start working and Full flow of website.
    • We will provide you full information of our developer and you and developer can do interaction with them so you can intact with them as team member and can monitor your work directly and take updates and request for changes in your project.
    Our Rates start from $3.99 Per Hour ! !
    Hire-PHP developer team:kneeled::search:
  2. newbidder
  3. Robster78

    Robster78 Affiliate affiliate

    $3.99 an hour? That's well below minimum wage. I don't think anyone with in their right mind would work as a cleaner for that much, let alone a PHP developer.

    Either you're outsourcing to India/China or you have them locked in a cupboard and they are coding for food.
  4. swoopodeveloper

    swoopodeveloper Affiliate affiliate


    Hello ,
    Yeah , we are outsourcing to india and we pay hourly rate to our employee. Here you get 2 years of experience in Php web development and if you want to hire more experience developer then you have to pay more money for it ..like 12$ per hour , Mate

    See our latest Programmer for Large Development organization

    web development with php | Hire long term php web developer/programmer | hire cheapest long term php web developer/programmer | hire monthly php web developer/programmer | hire full time php web developer/programmer | hire indian full time web develo

    You can hire dedicated Developer for one month and get 10 days free

    If you hire more then three month then you will get 1 month free which help you to enhance your application more perfectly

    Hire Dedicated developer at 1200$ for month..More then 4 years experience in it..

    I hope Robster , You understand us.

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