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Highest Paying Flower Delivery Affiliate Program - Florist One


The Florist One affiliate program is the highest paying affiliate program for the delivery of flowers in the United States and Canada. We pay between 22% and 25% of sales and we have excellent conversion rates.

Our program is an 'in-house' program with real time tracking and reporting, cookies that never expire, and we always pay on time. This program was designed by someone that has been a florist affiliate himself for over four years (me!). I can work with you to increase sales and I will listen and be attentive to your needs.

Are you an affiliate in another country that is tired of waiting to receive checks, and then waiting some more for the checks to clear? We can pay you by Paypal if that makes things easier for you.

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity for websites not related to flowers to cash in on flower sales. Check out John Chow's review of the Florist One affiliate program . He describes how his technology hardware review site can make a lot of money selling flowers over holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mothers Day. Do keep in mind, your site can make money selling flowers even if it is not a dedicated flower site.

I would be happy to answer questions about our program.

Many thanks to this forum for allowing us to post details of our affiliate program!


Hi Joe, good questions.

Yes, we do have a datafeed. To access the datafeed, in the affiliate section, click on "Get Links For Your Site" and then click on "Download Product Catalog Spreadsheet". This contains our latest and active products with information such as product names, prices, descriptions, links (with affiliate codes) and links to images. As an affiliate of ours, you can download images or hotlink to them.

As far as affiliate promo tools, we do have coupons that can be used to offer visitors a $5 discount on flower purchases. For affiliate using coupons to promote flower sales, we could calculate which of the following two scenarios makes you more money and pay you based on the higher amount:

1) 22% of sales minus the coupons presented.

2) A minimum of 15% of sales while offering your customers $5 coupons. No coupons would be deducted from 15% of sales which is guaranteed.

Joe, please let me know if anything requires further explanation.

Joe Johnson


Is a website necessary to have before signing up? I'm in the process of getting some content and graphics as well as doing research for the best domain name? Do you provide any content? Best selling items?



Hi Joe, a website is not necessary before signing up - you can put NA in that field.

While our datafeed can be used to add some content to the pages, we don't at this time provide content for websites beyond the datafeed.

As far as "best sellers", we don't have a link or section specifically for that but all our category pages contain items that do quite well. We also have links pointing to flowers by price such as "Flowers Under $40", "Flowers Under $50". I am happy to speak on the phone with any interested affiliates about site content or any other aspect of our program.

Joe, I hope this helps.