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Hiding Referrals

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by leswaldeck, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. leswaldeck

    leswaldeck Affiliate affiliate

    I bought the WP Stealth Cash plugin from the Warrior Forum recently, on the claim that it can hide your traffic sources from your Affiliate Manager. While it can protect your income, it is more likely to be used by CPA marketers to conceal their gray/black hat traffic methods. It would appear to your AM that the traffic comes from your blog, much like the 'double meta-refresh' or redirects do. If anyone else had bought this WP Stealth Cash plugin, could you clear up this question: would your CTR not show up as 100% at your AM, since only successful clicks would go through to the network? Or would ALL visits to your website still be recorded at the network, including clicks on your CPA offer which are not completed?

    I read about this in "The Complete CPA Manifesto" by Vivek Narayan, when he addressed the issue of redirects. Here are some excerpts:

    "When you begin making cash from the blackhat methods, you will realize that the conversions are a bit too high depending on your particular method. This is a big problem but you can rest assured that it has a remedy...

    If we had 100 people for example sent to an offer and 100 of then managed to complete the offer, 100 of them will have converted. Both the network and advertiser are going to know you are incentivizing the offer and this is instant ground for getting banned from any system...

    In order to lower CTR, you require raising your impressions but taking note that the impression does not count when using CPA-R and this is because the pixel in the banner does not get any opportunity to fire because the redirect happens very fast...

    To lower S/U%, you must receive more clicks and to do this a section of this e-book has been dedicated to junk traffic though this is only required in numbers."

    Does WP Stealth Cash overcome this problem somehow?
  2. newbidder

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