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Hiding "hover" from Showing Links


Is there a way to code an affiliate link so it doesn't show when a mouse rolls over it? I have always wondered about this one. But could never find the right answer to it.
try this < a href="http://AFFILITATE URL" title="TITLE HERE"onMouseOver= "window.status=''; return true" onMouseOut= "window.status=''; return true">ANCHOR TEXT< /a >


Hi sfod,
The code given takingbacksunday will work for people who have javascript enabled, however, those who are using browsers like Firefox/Opera or have javascript disabled can easily see the actual link.

Also, some people become suspicious if they hover over a link and don't see anything in their status bar. It would be a good idea to use the above mentioned code, but make sure that an address shows up on hover.

For instance, if you're using an affiliate link, what you can do is make the URL to the homepage display.

As for those using Firefox or another browser which will display the link regardless of the javascript, there's really nothing you can do short of using a link cloaker.

~ Teli