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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Hi Need Niche Affiliate Program Suggestions for the Following


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One Deals with Men's shopping so anything there along the lines of,
tools,hunting,boating,home improvement,motorcycles,watches,rolex,Gifts, Gadgets, Jewelry for men, fishing, hunting, electronics, televisions, Mens Clothes,cars,trucks,jobs,bikes,toys for men,n.f.l.,m.l.b.,hockey

and the other with house suppliers meaning
contractors, builders, contractors, custom homes, design build, construction, architect, roofing, framing, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, wood, houses, new, dream homes, tools, nailguns,hammers,build homes, flip houses, flip, modular homes, mobile homes

i need affiliate programs that generate links similar to cj which can be spider-ed by the software I'm using on each site i i don't want to post by hand all the links these are both search portals but only for those specific niches.
any suggestions would be helpful, also could use any affiliate programs for recipes type sites

Linda Buquet

Hi Tiffany,

Have you joined CJ, ShareResults and Shareasale? They have all the programs you would need and within the networks you can search and sort to find out which ones pay the best.

Just seems to me, you must already be working with CJ and to get merchants in all these niches would be easier through CJ than it would be to join a bunch of individual programs that are all over the place. Or are you just looking for personal recommendations for programs in any of these niches?


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yes i already have cj and share a sale and linkssyngery and a couple of the others, Ive found a few but not as many as i need as i want to have a decent selection of them, to offer surfers, i also need sites located in other countries as i don't want to limit any potential sales to just the USA and Canada, i do a lot of these type sites using a search script and then just using my affiliate URLs and it works real good, one heck of alot better then parking domains and making pennies, its just harder when your limiting it to specific niches rather then a open search portal where you can list about anything.