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Hi, My Name Is Mark


New Member
Hi my name is mark.

I started off making mostly adsense websites and more than 50% of my monthly income still is paid from adsense.

Now I'm trying to move more towards affiliate sites. Email marketing is also something that is new to me and exciting.

I'm off to take look around. Glad to be here.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Mark.

You will find there is a lot here when you start looking around.

We are glad to have you as a member and I am sure that 5 Star can be very helpful to you as you move toward affiliate sites.

Feel free to ask questions whenever you have any.


New Member
my post had links it about me now it doesn't becuase they were removed by the mod.

why was i pm'd with this info and it wasn't public?

I read the sticky here first and it doesn't say no links

that's lame, I wasn't spamming your forum, I was pointing to information about me.

"Members aren't allowed to post links to their sites except under certain special limited situations."

My links were 110% relevant to the post. If relevancy isn't one of your special situations, what is?

And why not just add no follow to the links instead of removing them? I wouldn't have minded the nofollow as your blog just linked to my site, certainly I'm not here link hunting.

Linda Buquet

Hi Mark,

Welcome to Star. Thanks for coming over after my invitation to post.
Our mods and our members may not have known I blogged about you and posted about you in another section of the forum. apologies for whatever happened.

I'm so sorry this started off on the wrong foot. I'm sure whatever mod edited your post didn't think you were personally spamming, but was just being very careful because if one person posts a valid link to thieir site the spammers are attracted like bees to honey.

Also there is a new worm spreading itself through links posted in forums that can infect all the members of a forum very quickly. The way it works, if you happened to be infected, you would not even know it. If you posted an innocent link to your site or even to some other resurce, the worm turns it into a link that goes to the site that spreads the infections.

So it's best to just have a link in your sig.

I'm not worrried about links out for PR reasons and don't plan to use no follow. Our concern here is spammers and worms. You may not live on forums like we do but if one person link drops or does anything that even resembles self promotion then the spammers attack.

I'll try to find out what happened and again apologize for any bad feelings.
In the meantime add a link to your site in your signature.


New Member
thanks linda, it was no problem I just thought I had started with 1 strike against me :confused:

thanks for the welcome also Larwee :)

glad to be here.


New Member
oh yeah and I got the user name I wanted here - 45n5

I was putting the "referrer" as bumpzee, lol, that's where I saw you first

then it gave me the error, "unrecognized user referrer"
and I thought that was a bad user name

lol, woops, :D

Linda Buquet

LOL Whoops. That was the problem. I didn't think a 4 digit user name should be too short. NOw I see.

Well I don't do podcasting but you may have heard me a while back over at WebmasterRadio on the ShowMoney show. Does that ring a bell?

Create a sig with links to a couple of your sites and give people a reason to go there.
(Free site building software should get you some hits! :p)

Then pull up a chair and jump into some discussions.

(Going to rest my carpal. Back in a bit.)


New Member
"Going to rest my carpal" :)

"heard me a while back over at WebmasterRadio on the ShowMoney show"

just rang my bell, thanks