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Hi, It's Me... :-)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by patrickonb, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. patrickonb

    patrickonb Affiliate affiliate

    Hello All,

    My name is Patrick and I am coming back to the internet after a break I've been
    on since 2009. From 2002 or so to about mid/late 2009, I was creating my
    own software and services, trying to make a living online. I worked around 18
    hours a day, some times more, and made very little money, although there were
    a few "big time" marketers who made a hell of a lot off of me.

    Anyway, that's in the past (I try to make myself believe that anyway. ha ha) and I
    am coming back for a fresh, sweet, yet slightly tarty tasting start. ha ha ha
    whatever that means. ;)

    I played around with PPC in the past, lost a hell of a lot of money at it, so never
    really got to where I understood what I was doing. So this time, I decide I'm going
    to be a full-blown affiliate marketer, and really lose my ass at the PPC game! ha ha ha
    Just kidding... if I don't have a little fun with this, I'll run away faster than any of ya'll
    could see me!!.. and I'm an old man nowadays.

    OK, being completely serious, I am trying to make an honest effort at affiliate marketing,
    mainly in the CPA networks. And to be honest, I am getting nowhere fast here.

    I've paid 2 different people to "mentor" me, and both have flaked off on me, 1 of them
    never even returned my emails! Not sure why people ask for hundreds (one asks for
    thousands) of dollars, then never follow through on what they talk about. Oh well, the
    good thing is, that I have gotten all of my money back thus far. But I am running out
    of options here (and money).

    I just happened to stumble upon this here forum, and hung around for a few days, and it
    appears that most people here are willing to try and help one another, which as far as I'm
    concerned, is a pretty big deal in affiliate marketing. As I remember in days gone past,
    affiliate marketing was a dog eat dog adventure, and if you couldn't run with the big dogs,
    you stayed your butt on the porch!

    I don't care to be a millionaire, although I wouldn't run from it, but it's not tops on my list.
    BUT, I want to make good money, so I can pay the bills, and have a few extra dollars in
    my pocket in case of emergencies! I am getting old, and this is going to be my last shot
    at this internet money making business. I need to leave my kids something when I
    die, and that time is running out fast. I figure 3 years max, and if I'm not making at least
    enough to pay my bills and put a little away by that time, I will go back and finish out my
    life as a pipe welder. It's a hell of a lot of work, but it pays pretty good.

    So anyway, I guess that's about it. Looking back, I guess I've probably said to much now
    and probably wore out my welcome already. ha ha

    Anyway, I look forward to being a part of the forums here. thanks for the opportunity.


    P.S. I am tired so I didn't really take the time to spell check or check how bad I screwed
    up things, so please forgive my 5th grade grammar and errors.
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