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Hi from Ireland

Mal Keenan

New Member
My name is Mal Keenan

I have been affiliate marketing for around 9 years now, full-time since 2004

I hope to share some of my experiences on this forum.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Mal.

We don't have many members in Ireland. It is nice to have you join us. We have a growing list of members from around the world.

It is good to see that you are willing to share your experience to help others.

Linda Buquet

Hi Mal,

Welcome. SO GLAD to have you join us. We need another pro around here. THe forum is growing so fast I can't keep up with all the questions. The members are starting to jump in more and more to offer advice and help others, which is a lovely thing to see!

Look forward to having you share your expertise!

Out of curiousity, what type of affiliate marketing do you do in general terms?
REtail products? Lead Gen? Digital Products? Do you do much PPC?
Just trying to get a feel for what type of marketing you focus on.

Mal Keenan

New Member
Thanks guys for your warm welcome.

Linda I have done everything in the book in terms of marketing and persistently stick to a select few daily, ie article marketing, blogging, posting at forums. I don't like paying for my traffic but have good experience with Google adwords and have used Overture too.

Before the Google slap I was making a good profit sending traffic to customised landing pages.

I almost exclusively sell digital products, memberships, work at home packages, hosting. Anything that can be delivered online I will try it, if the product/service is good.

I also have a significant email list which I have grown over the years which is eventually beginning to pay off:)

Oh, and I've recently taken a position as an affiliate manager with an Affiliate Network.

Other than that I'm married with 3

Nice to be here