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Hi from essex,UK


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Hello everyone, I'm a home business entrepreneur from lovely essex in england UK. I 'm a little new to forums and so any help towards me not reinventing the wheel in the affiliate marketing world would be highly appreciated.
Look forward to having a great time here.Take Care U all :)


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Welcome to 5 Star, kassoc.

Thanks for joining us from the other side of the ocean. We have a lot of members from your area of the world.

Since you are new to forums, you might run into a few problems. We will help you to understand how things work around here.

If you have any specific questions please remember to ask them in the proper forum rather than here in the Introduce Yourself Forum which is only for introductions and welcome messages.

You will find this to be a very friendly community and our members are very helpful.

There is a lot of information here for you to read and you may always ask questions whenever you have any.