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Hi from BotanicChoice


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Hi -

I'm new to the forums and hope it's okay to mention my company affiliations. I'm the Internet Marketing Director for Botanic Choice - I spent 10 years working on Internet Content, Operations and Marketing for Personal Creations and moved to Botanic Choice (Hobart, Indiana) in August. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago.

I have experience with Linkshare and Commission Junction and am always willing to share what I've learned so far. I've got experience with email marketing, site content and some SEM/SEO. We use a third-party company to promote the BotanicChoice site - it's nice to have dedicated personnel - affiliate marketing is very time-consuming - relationship focused. That can be a good and bad thing.

I'll be at the Vegas Affiliate Summit and hope to meet some folks there.

Julie Bridge
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Welcome to 5 Star, Julie.

I sounds as if you have an interesting background. You should fit in very well here.

I hope you will be participating in some of the discussions.

Linda Buquet

Hi Julie,

Welcome to 5 Star. Feel free to post an annoucement about your programs down in the "Merchants promote your program here" section of the forum. You can only have one thread per OPM, so need to keep info about both programs in that same thread.

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