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Hi Denny from Vancouver

Denny Tryon

Greetings all, glad to find this forum! I am building an online business, and need all the help anyone is willing to offer. I in return will help if I can.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Denny.

Another member from Canada. We have a very large number of members from Canada. It looks as if people in Canada are big 5 Star fans.

We can give you plenty of help. There is an awful lot of information here for you to read.

This is a friendly community with very helpful members. Just ask questions in the proper forums whenever you have any. Specific questions shouldn't be asked here in the Introduce Yourself Forum. They may be missed by some members since this forum is only for introductions and welcome messages.

We enjoy helping people. We are here to help you.

Linda Buquet

Hi Denny,

Welcome to 5 Star. I keep kidding that we need to start calling this the Canadian affiliate forum because we have so many canucks that join.
So you are in good company and should feel right at home.

We have lots of great info that can help
plus members that are always ready to offer advice.