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Hi all!


Hi my name's Glen.
I run a web-site called where I sell non-exclusive hip-hop instrumentals.
Im looking to start recruiting affiliates asap. I was wandering if someone could have a look at my site and give me some thoughts and opinions. My affiliate program is all ready to go, however i would like to know if my program is attractive to affiliates.

The deal is:
If you join my affiliate program you will earn 50% commission on every sale which you refer.
Earn an additional 10% commission from any sub-affiliates which you refer.
If a customer clicks on one of your links or banners but does not make purchase for several weeks you will still receive payment for the sale. The cookies from our site will store the customer?s information for an unlimited period of time and will remember that the customer was referred by you.
Log-in to my specially integrated software and monitor your clicks and sales in real-time.
Take advantage of the tools, resources and information supplied with our affiliate package.

Anyway there is lots of additional information on the affiliate section of my site to help you if you are interested. -

Thanks everyone!

Linda Buquet

Hi ssbeats,

Welcome to 5 Star. One of our clients is zZounds and they sell DJ equipment, so could be that some of their affs would be interested in selling your beats.

Do you have an affiliate intro page set-up yet so we can see how that looks and maybe give you some feedback?

Linda Buquet

hmmm, could not find any links on your homepage to the affiliate program. Still don't see the link. I will take a look this weekend.