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Hi all from VA


I'm a major newbie here (only three weeks into this) and through all the research I've done, found this forum to be the absolute MOST help out there. I've looked through the newbie forum and my other favorite was the "if i had it to do over again" thread. Both of which have helped me quite a bit.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for being here to help those of us just starting out. I hope in the future, I can reciprocate.

Linda Buquet

Hi ch3ryll,

Welcome to 5 Star. Thanks SO MUCH for the kind words. We try very hard to be helpful, so it means a lot when someone acknowledges our efforts.

I'm glad you've studied the newbie threads and if I had to start over post. You've done some homework, that's good. Glad you decided to come out of lurk mode to post. Being an ACTIVE participant will help you get more out of our forum.


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Welcome to 5 Star, ch3ryll.

Thanks for the very nice words.

I am glad that 5 Star has been a big help to you.

In addition to all of the information that is already here for you to read, you can always ask questions whenever you wish.

I hope that 5 Star can help you reach your goals.


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Welcome to 5 Star Affiliate Programs.

Its so nice to have you here with us. This is the forum where you can actually learn ask any questions under the sun to just basically clear your blurring mind from all the questions in your head.

Truly accomodating and the friendliest forum ever!

Cheers to that.:D


Thanks again everyone for the welcome!!!

I'm sure I will have questions, but so far I have found the answers to my questions here before I've had to ask. I'm getting there, but it's a slow process between full time work and my three daughters.