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hey i need your help please

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by mirofox, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. mirofox

    mirofox Affiliate affiliate

    hey i need your help please
    i'am looking for cpa network with weekly payout
    and i need method to make money with cpa i'am new here plz hel
  2. newbidder
  3. furqan

    furqan Affiliate affiliate

    Hey man 1st of All welcome here:)

    Here are your Answers:

    You are looking CPA network with weekly payout this is the best source to know : affpayingdotcom

    Need methods to make money so here is the real case studies to earn with CPA Go to AffiliateFix: Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials Section

    Best of Luck :) Greetings.
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  4. joey babbs

    joey babbs Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This is pretty general but in an effrot to get my 10 posts let me take a stab at it: :)

    Step 1. Join a reputable network. There are many. Just search top 20 networks. The majority of networks online offer weekly payouts as do we. You may have to apply to several networks if you have no experience. One of them will take you.

    Step 2. Get in contact with your affiliate manager. He/ she is there to help - in most cases they make more money if you make more money. They will tell you what is required to get weekly, (usually at least 1K a week in revenue), what are the top offers, what type of traffic work with those offers and any other info you can squeeze from them.

    Step 3. Understand you will never likely find the exact answer to making riches with CPA in any online forum. No one is going to give away their secrets, so you really need to get down and dirty and start testing. But focus on 1 campaign and one traffic source and your A/M is usually the best person to help identify these.

    Unless of course you have a really good friend who wants to help you make money and give you their campaigns. (Which sometimes happens)

    I believe this forum is a great resource to ask questions while setting up and testing.
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