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Hey everyone


New Member
I'm a new member here, and love this forum, found tons of useful info here in the first day I found it.
Also am new to affiliate marketing, just started less then a month ago, but did make my first sale from ClickBank ($91, got lucky, since I can't get anymore so far), and am looking forward to participating on these forums and learning as much as I can.


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Welcome to 5 Star, theNYkid.

I am glad you like it here and have already found it to be helpful.

You should be able to learn a great deal from our forums. There is plenty of useful information, as you have already seen.

This is a very friendly community and our members are very helpful.

Thanks for joining.

Linda Buquet

Hey theNYkid,

So sorry I missed welcoming you on your 1st day. Not sure how I missed
such a nice intro post. Thanks for the compliments - we try to help however we can.