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Here is what I want to do...


Though I have a great deal of experience with web design and internet programming languages, I really enjoy blogging and I am interested in starting a blog geared towards women who want to make money online as a job or sideline. I want to talk about site creation, ebay, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, link building, being a woman in business, etc. I want to write thoughtful helpful articles that will be directly of interest to my target audience. I will be updating frequently (as I enjoy blogging) and I am hoping to include some affiliate advertising to bring in a little extra income. I don't have any expectations of being able to quit my job or anything, I just want that feeling of accomplishment of having made a few extra bucks for doing something I enjoy anyways and would likely do for free.

So does anyone have any advice for me: ie. what types of programs should I endorse (I don't want to cheat these women either) and what other products do you think would be of interest. I mean I have some ideas, but I am a newbie so they might not be any good. What direction should I take? Do you think my idea is any good or has it been overdone so much that there is no point?

Any friendly suggestions appreciated.

N.B. I know all about seo/linkbuilding so that will not be a problem.
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Well, hello and welcome to the forum Danielle.

You have StephenR to thank for directing me to this post, so I thought I should get that out there. :)

Out of curiosity, because it's not very clear above, what are you a newbie at? Online/affiliate marketing? If that's the case, then you could very well document your own, real & raw, personal journey through the world of starting an online affiliate business. (Wonderful example, though Splork isn't a woman, is Lost Ball in High Weeds.)

As for what to recommend, simply, don't recommend anything you cannot stand behind. If it's at all possible, get review copies/test drive/sample anything you intend to promote, because, quite frankly, your reputation is worth a lot more than 50% commission on a $40 piece of ****. :)

Think about when you started in the business (I'm assuming you are a woman) and what information you looked for, what guidance you needed, what products would have helped beyond all reason, and what advice you wish you were given before you got started. All of these things are currently being experienced by women getting started with their businesses.

When we get to a point where we already know this stuff, it's quite easy to forget where we actually started. :)

I hope that helps.

~ Teli


As you are into "web design and internet programming languages" why not promote the tools you are using for that? You know them best, and could help others!

Also, if you make a list of the things you are using each day (ie phone, fax, PC, TV, books, ...) you will have a list of things you can promote and stand behind them.


Welcome Danielle,

I just finished responding to a post with a similar question you've posed here.

Firstly, you can't go wrong with a regularly updated blog/website that appeals to women. Secondly, you need to do something distinct. Share Results has merchants in popular verticals for women interested in health, fashion and parenting/motherhood. However, remember that you're competing with thousands of other bloggers out there.

Perhaps you may want to choose a target market and think about what those women in that demographic would like. Are they interested in mobile phones, MP3 players or other tech gadgets online? Are they interested in shoe retailers? Are they independent, affluent women interested in loans, insurance or real estate?

There's so much you can work with here. Run with it, but be strategic. :D

Linda Buquet

Yes ShareResults has lots of great programs geared toward women and Moms.

Work at home women or work at home Moms (WAHMS) is still pretty competitive. And remember the hardest place to start is trying to sell internet marketing and other webmaster related stuff.

So to get started you may still want to drill down to a more targeted sub or micro-niche. Think ethicity or religion or personality type or even geographical region. Even though you are good at SEO, competition in some markets is still fierce. Would you rather be on page 10 where no one will find you for "work at home Moms (WAHMS)" or in the top 10 for "Catholic work at home Moms (WAHMS)". Smaller niche but with good targeting and more niche focused content and products you could get more targeted traffic and probably make more sales.

Some keyword research may help you target but also think about yourself and who you know and what you are interested in. Is there a certain TYPE of woman you'd like to appeal to? Once you pick the demographic it will be easier to pick the products that would appeal to them.

Back to the sub niche idea. Since you know design and SEO you are 10 steps ahead. Si U recommend STARTING with one sub niche but have a domain that would support a GROUP of sub-niches after you get established in the 1st one. Example: generic domain that can grow into other related subniches workathomewomen. 1st niche Catholic Moms (or whatever). Then after you get established and build that 1st one up, start a section on same site for Work at home Moms with newborns - then Moms with Teens or Single Women who work from home or whatever.

You may find some ideas for popular niches at WAHM forums or sites like iVillage. Get your list of niches you'd be interested in starting with, then check KW research, how competitive the niches are then build it. THEN after it's built think more about which affiliate programs to add based on that niche.

Hope that helps.