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Here is my objective


Marc Chase

First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right area, if not, I apologize in advance.

We're in a pretty bad industry (credit repair & debt consolidation). We have worked our rears off keeping a flawless reputation which we have done so far and will do anything to continue that.

We would like to offer an affiliate program. The problem I see with that is that I've seen our competitors do it and the affiliates advertise straight out lies, misleading information etc etc.

I guess neither party minds because they are both profiting. We dont want that. We would love to grow through affiliates but want people who have the same concern for integrity and honesty.

We're going to pay the highest in the industry, just dont want our reputations, or image flawed.

Am I dreaming? In the right forum? is there hope?

thank you in advance.

Linda Buquet

We are all about high integrity affiliate marketing here, so I think you are in the right place. I answered your PM and I have a contact that could be a very good fit for you.

I don't typically represent and companies in the debt space because as you said , so many affiliates AND lenders and shady players give that space a bad reputation. I have a new client coming on board in April however that specializes in lead gen (pay per lead) affiliate programs. They have a very strong rep in the debt space and are growing into other financial verticals starting with Auto Loans.

Let me know in the PM if you are interested in learning more or getting an introduction.

Marc Chase

Hi Linda

You know...being the scatter brain I can be sometimes I did lose that info on your new client coming in April.

Could you shoot me an email or something about it?

thank you again ;)

PS. My idea we discussed...I'm going completely free for now. All things considered, i think that will be best..will send you link in next day or two