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help with postbacks desperately needs

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by burningb, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. burningb

    burningb Affiliate affiliate

    can anyone take a look at my adsbridge and clickmagick postbacks and poffer advice as to why theyre not working?
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  2. terraleads
  3. comegetbravo

    comegetbravo Affiliate affiliate

  4. burningb

    burningb Affiliate affiliate

  5. Alex AdsBridge

    Alex AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

  6. burningb

    burningb Affiliate affiliate

  7. Elen AdsBridge

    Elen AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey, Neil, we are glad to have you as our client.

    We hirred new support managers, as I mentioned before, as Nick is really out of time, so, pls add Anna "AdsBridge" in skype, she already waiting for 2 days.

    Let me help with a postbacvk a little bit:

    Server-to-server postback URL is the most secure and reliable method of counting conversions. Use the URLs which you can see on the 3-rd step of creating campaings to pass conversions from affiliate networks.

    This is a template of the postback -
    http://xxxxx.ab4all.com/trackpixel/t...ACE&cdata=YOUR _CUSTOM_DATA&status=REPLACE

    xxxxx - your unique subdomain in our system
    tid – is used for passing the AdsBridge click ID from affiliate network back to tracker. It is the only required parameter in the postback without which conversions won’t be passed. After the “=” sign in this parameter, you need to insert affiliate network macro instead of YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, which will be replaced by the value that came in a parameter entered in the Tracking Sub ID field when setting an offer.
    amt – passes the dynamic value of a payout by conversion.
    txid – is set only for CPS offers. It allows tracking of several conversions from one click ID.
    cdata – passes any parameter straight to the source traffic without saving on our side.
    status - passes the status of conversion, if your affiliate network provides such kind of option.

    To set the postback correctly, you need to substitude placeholders like YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, REPLACE with the relevant parameters of your affiliate network and delete the part of the postback, that won't transfer any information.

    Here is more extended explanation:
    Take a look at this scheme

    The moment you click on the banner is the moment of the first redirect, so traffic source adds the tracker’s unique click ID to the campaign URL, which in the case of conversion identifies the creative, on which the user has clicked.

    Then, the user is redirected from the tracker to the offer’s link, now tracker adds its unique click ID in the offer’s URL.

    Further, there is a conversion takes place and the postbacks are fired back in the reverse order. And here comes unique click id. Affiliate network inserts in the tracker’s postback a click id, which had received at the time of redirect from tracker to the offer and fires this postback. Tracker catches the conversion, matches click id with its database and records information about the conversion in the statistics.

    Next tracker substitutes a click id, which had received in URL at the time of redirect from tracker when the user clicked on the ad and fires postback. Traffic source also matches click ID with its database and records this data in the statistics.

    Once you understand this simple algorithm, you can easily set the tracking between different platforms in minutes. As a rule, the difference is only in the names and values of the tokens, which pass a unique click ID. Firstly, from the traffic source to the tracker, and then, from the tracker to CPA network.

    Hope this was helpful! Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with;)
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  8. Elen AdsBridge

    Elen AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    There was a thread with top updates on AdsBridge platform, I'm very sorry, I was going to post it in official AdsBridge thread, as I did now. TY for understanding.

    I agree with you @DoubleDouble, as updates are not relevant here and we are working on implementing manual cost update and already put it in our roadmap.

    TY for your care and feedback, we are developing our system to satisfy our clients needs, I'll be happy to post next thread with new upgrades, including cost update very soon.

    Hope, @burningb our support manager already helped you out.

    Btw, we hirred a new support managers, so feel free to contact them and that'll assist you with all settings asap:)
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2016
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  9. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    agreed @burningb post on here with the parameters XX out and we can for sure help, if not send me a PM and ill see how I can help you.....

    As an adsbridge user, overall I am happy however @Elen AdsBridge you have to get back being able to update costs. Most people on here could not care about the updates you mentioned above especially not over being able to manually update costs. Fix that and tehn come to us with extra data centers and other minor upgrades :) (sorry to be so blunt)
  10. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    are u still having the annoying Issue ?
  11. Elen AdsBridge

    Elen AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey, guys, replied you above:affiliatefix:
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