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We were all newbies once and probably had to search numerous pages to learn the terms used on the internet. How about helping out our new members by defining the things we now take for granted such as backlinks, SEO, domain, marketing and such. I am sure we can all be of help and that the information will assist someone new. Thanks guys.

Subrata Chowdhury

Open and type free directory list in the textbox and submit. you will find a list of directories which you will have to fill. Before filling this form make an account in gmail. Fill the form as directed with this email address. After a fortnight or after some time you will receive emails from these sites where you had submitted the forms who have published your description on their sites. This is known as back links. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Say for example is a search engine where in the textbox we write the keyword and submit. Google bot/(robot) do the searching and displays the results. To bring a particular website/domain on the first page so that the probability of the person searching with the keyword clicks on the searched result containing the website/domain increases is known as search engine optimization. Domain name is the name you buy from a domain register eg by which the internet uniquely identifies your website.


Hosting can be obtained at,, and even most domain name registrars such as, and, will offer pleasant plans for only $10 up to $60 for an entire year, which are giant savings as opposed to regular hosting companies if you ask me. However, I would only recommend a novice to look no further than the good reviews weighed against the bad when deciding what company to go with. You can never go wrong with HostGator, they currently host millions of websites (many of the big names across all niches, too).

The entire business of SEO is much too broad to adequately cover in just one paragraph. If one were to search these forums, they would find plenty of tips and quite a few gems in the industry that cannot be easily found elsewhere. A quick search for SEO will teach you the basics, too.

Now, the one thing the majority of bloggers and webmasters are excited about is a little thing called "monetization". In other words, making money with the websites and content they created both passively, and some like to do it actively. Some strategies I can suggest is selling advertising space. If your website get under 50,000 page views per month, but more than 10,000, then you can find online businesses to pitch your traffic levels and ad space to manually. If your website gets over the 50,000 page views per month mark, then you can try to apply for advertising networks such as that will link you to a pool of advertisers already willing to buy ad space on your site. You may also choose to monetize your blog, forum, etc. with Google Adsense, which will show contextual ads (based on some criteria) to your viewers that is governed by what the content of the page is. Once you are accepted into the program, it isn't unusual to make $50 per day (approximately $1500 per month) or more with a fairly established forum or blog.