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Hi everyone. My name is Col, I'm from the UK. I am new to Affiliate Marketing etc.I am really impressed with what I have seen so far on this forum. You seem a friendly, knowledgeable group of people. I hope that I can contribute in some way, I just need to learn the ropes first ! ;)
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Welcome to 5 Star, Col.

It is good to see that we impressed you enough to get you to join. :)

You are right about it being a friendly community. The members are also very helpful.

This is the perfect place to learn. Be sure to ask questions whenever you have any.


Welcome to the forum.
If you are new to affiliate marketing don't worry we all started in the same spot that you are in.

If you don't know where to start, I suggest reading as many post as you can and then start researching products to promote. It's better to lay a good foundation of knowleged rather than jumping right in with out a plan

It will save you some aggravation and money too! ha ha

When your ready post your questions, I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting the answer here. There are a lot of smart people hanging around.

Linda Buquet

Hi Col,

Welcome to 5 star. You are in the right place to start
learning and earning more. Hope we can help you on your journey!