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Hello peeps


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Just a quick hello as im new and say wow what a awesome site for affiliates, im totally new to all this and want to raise some funds so if any1 has got a few pointers and suggestions please be free to help me.

anyway a big hello from me


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Welcome to 5 Star, boy2000.

5 Star can be very helpful to you. There is plenty here for you to read and our helpful members will answer questions.

Since you are new, they very best place to start is our Newbie Affiliate Forum. Read as much as you can in that forum. You should pay close attention to the "Sticky" threads. Here is a link to the Newbie Affiliate Forum

You will learn a lot by reading that forum.

When you have specific questions you can ask them. Make sure you ask them in the appropriate forum rather than here in the Introduce Yourself Forum since this forum is for introductions and welcome messages. Many members who could provide helpful answers to your specific questions wouldn't see them if they were in the Introduce Yourself Forum.

Try to enjoy yourself while you get a better idea about Affiliate Marketing by reading the Newbie Affiliate Forum.