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Hello! I am Blue Legit! Great to be here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Blue Legit, May 23, 2012.

  1. Blue Legit

    Blue Legit Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Hello CPAFix community! I am really excited to be here, when I got here the site was out for a few days. I always wanted to do this, but I never knew what it was called. I want to make a career out of this, it will be a lot of work but I know I can do it. I am really just researching and looking into this before I make anything final. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

  2. newbidder
  3. ImAdmirer

    ImAdmirer Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome here bro, let us know if you need help in anything.
  4. Blue Legit

    Blue Legit Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Awesome, I actually did have a question. Since I don't have a lot of money, whats the cheapest route I can take in this field? It seems like to get really started it comes out of your own pocket first.
  5. Mark Raven

    Mark Raven Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome mate!

    Be sure to get a feel for logging information to be used later, but most importantly, pick an area you want to get into, and stick with it. Most don't succeed simply because they try too many things at once, cut out all distractions and simply focus on achieving where you want to be.
    You mentioned before you wanted to know the cheapest route? Well there are simply lots of free ways to make some dollars & cents online!

    Here's a few you might be interested in:

    > Social Networks (Facebook,Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) Build a following on sites like these with the use of a Fan page for example on Facebook, pick a niche, then make a cool & catchy title around it, so lets say you choose "Gaming" your page could be called "Completing Skyrim and wondering who shot the arrow in his knee?" You would then simply flesh it out, give it a nice picture, and post a few updates to get it started, Like the page yourself for Friends to view, then get more Traffic/Likes by simply finding other Active pages in the same Niche "Gaming" by going to the search bar at the top and typing some Keywords. Then once you have a following, simply Mix random gaming related products, CPA offers, Affiliate products into your normal updates, which you can get from sites like 9gag ect. Trick is to keep it Viral.

    > Fiverr.com This is pretty straight forward, you simply create a Gig about something you can do for someone else for $5, you can either do something such as "Banner Design" or you can outsource work somewhere else where they can do it cheaper, and you keep the profit made.

    > Dropshipping This is again pretty straight forward, you simply go to a site like Dhgate, find a decent looking product for a cheap price, and make sure its legit. Go to eBay for example, see if anyone selling it, if they are match there price or undercut, being sure to still make profit. If there isn't and there are no products similar, chances are they don't sell well. So the process is as follows:
    > Find product
    > Check Competition (If None Assess chances of sale)
    > List item on ebay (Only accruing listing Fee)
    > Once item its sold, Ship directly from Wholesale site like Dhgate, straight to the customer on ebay.
    IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have contacted the supplier before hand however, as most these sales can go sour when a seller suddenly disappears and your left with no product to send to them. Also create a good way to keep track of sales, items, sizes, for example, excel or similar will be good enough.

    Hope this helps, good luck
  6. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice to have you here. WELCOME :)
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Hello and welcome to the family!
  8. TopNicheWebsites

    TopNicheWebsites Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome to the Forums. I'm sure you will enjoy being here ...

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