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Hello, hello, hello


New Member
Hi there, my name is Jon, and I hail from the state of lots and lots of corn. (Indiana) :)

I like the interface here, Larwee has been very accomodating and helpful, and I think you have a real good thing going.

I am a relative newbie, but will try to contribute back as much as I can, when possible.

Thanks all!


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Welcome to 5 Star, Jon.

Thanks for joining. We are glad to have you as a member.

You will find this to be a friendly community with lots of very helpful members.

One place you might want to spend some time at since you are a relative newbie is in our Newbie Affiliate Forum. Here is a link to that forum

As questions whenever you have any and contribute your knowledge whenever you can. The important thing is for you to have an enjoyable 5 Star experience. We want you to be glad that you joined and for you to find your membership rewarding to you.

Linda Buquet

Hey Jon,

Welcome to 5 Star. Good to hear you like what you see.
I also really appreciate the fact you are already thinking
about how you can give back.