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Hello from "Yet Another Newbie"

Savage Z

Hi everyone...

I'm new to the world of affiliate programming, but only because I let it pass me by so many times. A buddy of mine was bugging me to get started with this stuff in 2003, but I said "no, no way anybody really makes any money with that stuff"....

Of course, in 2004, I got a job working for somebody else who really was making money with that stuff. A couple hundred million, to be exact...

And yet still I didn't try it on my own. And my next employer, who also made money with that stuff, tens of millions, and I still didn't start doing it. And now I'm with a third employer, who (guess what?) is making hundreds of millions with SEM and SEO, and I'm getting kind of tired of thinking "gee, I bet I could do this!"

So I'm giving it a shot myself. I'm a web programmer who knows plenty about the mechanics of web sites and has built pretty much everything from landers to bid management systems to A/B test engines, and yet I find myself wondering how I put it all together.

My first project is a credit card directory, because I have everything except the marketing strategy laid out for me. And yet I'm still kind of wondering, "should I do X, or should I do Y?" and I find myself thinking more about the specifics and not executing as quickly as I should. Damnit! This is why engineers always work for other people...

Anyway, I'm building this credit card site, and it's mainly a proof of concept for an affiliate marketing site engine I'm building. It's hot! It's got A/B testing (slicing up traffic based on session ID), all sorts of logging (I'm working on a feature that'll add a JS tracking bug to the bottom of each page, so I correlate its stats with page request stats and see whether or not users are loading the page, or just clicking the link and clicking off), and even a little touch of Ajax.

And yet I'm wondering about specifics! This engine is based around a directory of offers... perhaps I should be focusing more on a single product at a time? I'm learning about keyword marketing, and I realize now that credit cards are such a competitive niche that I'll probably not make any money with them, and need to focus on something else. And I've got ideas! But I need execution...

I'm excited, can't wait to get started with this stuff. Wish I'd been open to the idea 4 years ago; maybe I'd be living in Barbados by now. :)

Savage Z


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Welcome to 5 Star, Savage Z.

That was a very interesting introduction.

It is good to see that you are learning, and 5 Star can help you to learn even more. There is plenty of information here for you to read. Our members are very friendly and helpful. Whenever you have questions, just ask. You will be able to learn plenty from reading and asking questions.

I hope you will enjoy working with this stuff and start making some big money like those other people.