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Hello from Victoria BC Canada!

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Hello Everyone!

I'm quite new to posting on forums, so bear with me! Where do Affiliates hang out?!

I'm pretty new to the Affilliate Marketing World, but find it so interesting. I work at NeverblueAds, which is an Affiliate Network based out of Victoria BC. I actually started as an Administrative Assistant not having a clue about Affiliate Marketing. After 2 months of being with this fast paced company I started working more directly with the Affiliate Managers here. Now, 4 months later I'm now working directly in the Affiliate Networking department and loving it! I find it all very intriguing.

I'd love to know more about everyone here! Interested in becoming an Affiliate? Or learning more about it? Check out our site, You can fill out an application to our Network there and shortly after that one of our supporting Affiliate Managers will contact you to get the ball rolling.

We have over 300 different affiliate programs to run with high conversions. Great high paying offers that will make you more money. To back all that up we have great service. We have your ADmunition ;)

Drop me a line, looking forward to hearing from you! :D


Linda Buquet

Hi Victoria,

Welcome to 5 Star. So cute you posted in "Blue". Sounds like you hit the fast track to success.

Feel free to post more info down in the Promote Your Program Here section of the merchant forum. Tell us a little about some of your top offers if you like. Just remember, only one thread per merchant or network so whenever you have new programs or network news just add to that same thread.


Thank you for your replies!

Thank you for your prompt replies :) great to hear from you! I went ahead and posted in the "Promote Your Program Here" section Linda, thank you for the heads up!

Thanks for the welcome MikeDammann :)

I'm trying to find out where Affiliates hang out, it sounds like 5 Star Affiliate Forums might be the place!

If you haven't already check out our website, I'd love to hear back from Everyone! Where are you from? What do you do?

-NeverblueVictoria from Victoria :cool: