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Hello from the Alps


Hi Everyone,
I'm new here.

I'm a product owner and so have come here to try and lean how to attract affiliates to my site (and product).

I look forward to talking with you and hopefully learning something.

I am of course happy to help out if anyone has any web development or software development questions.



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Welcome to 5 Star, Paul33.

Thanks for joining.

We have lots of information here for you to read so you should be able to learn a lot. Our members are very helpful so you can always ask questions whenever you have any.

If you have any specific questions or if anyone has questions for you, they should be asked in the proper forum rather than here in the Introduce Yourself Forum which is only for introductions and welcome messages.

You will find some useful information on attracting affiliates in our Merchant & Affiliate Manager Forum


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Hi Paul,

Welcome to 5Star, I'm sure you'll learn lots of useful information here.

Just wanted to mention that I've visited Switzerland a few times and it is one of my favorite travel destinations, you're lucky to live there :)

Linda Buquet

Hi Paul,

Welcome to 5 Star. I bet Switzerland is a wonderful place to live.

Larry is right. Read some of the posts other product owners and affiliate managers have asked down in the merchant forum. Then feel free to start a post with your specific questions and we'll be glad to help.