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Hello from Sunny Boca Raton:)


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Just wanted to through my hat into the ring here and say it is nice to be part of this growing community. I read several posts and it sounds like there are many experts here that can help in many areas. I am an Affiliate manager currently and started in 1995 in Online Marketing. In 1999 I hooked up with a major travel portal and helped to develop their affilaite program that, when i left 5 years later, had over 38,000 affiliates. I am now at a product oriented Company managing 5 major affiliate programs with another 3 coming online before the end of the year. So I am kept busy. Again, thanks for allowing this space for an introduction and I hope to contribute positively in many discussions regarding affiliate marketing.


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Welcome to 5 Star, JardenCS.

It is good to see that you like 5 Star. It is a very helpful community loaded with information and very friendly members.

You have plenty of experience so you will probably be able to help answer some of the questions our members might have.

Once you start participating in the discussions you will probably get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

Linda Buquet

Hi JardenCS,

Welcome to 5 Star. Was just reading your program intro and email. Will get back to you on that soon. Seems since your sites are niche and brand specific your conversions must be very high. Our affiliates like high conversions!

Thanks for joining us and letting us know about your programs.