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Hello from South Africa


My name is Mike ( Tamewasp ) and I am semi-retired and live on the beautiful east coast of South Africa. I look forward to mutual support although in the beginning I think most will be coming from you.

I am full of fun and nonsense. 20+ years in IT.

all the best


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Welcome to 5 Star, Mike.

It is good to know that you are full of fun and nonsense. So am I. I like to be serious when I need to, but I love to have fun when I can and that sometimes involves nonsense.

This is a very friendly community and I'm sure it will be helpful to you when you need help. But it is good to see that you plan to be helpful to others.

I hope you will enjoy being a 5 Star member. :)

Linda Buquet

Hi Mike,

Welcome to 5 Star.

"I am full of fun and nonsense. 20+ years in IT."

You should fit in here just fine! We like to have fun plus offer tons of great advice for earning a living online.


Hi there Mike... Welcome

Hi there, Mike

It?s good to hear from someone from the home country, I?ve recently got back from the Cape. Appears we have a similar experience span, doesn?t time go quickly? only yesterday I was dashing around for Persetel?

Still welcome, and whatever help I can be, obviously ??n boer maak ?n plan?

All the best?


They Pop up all over the place - wonder Why

You made my evening. Really good to hear from people who use to live here. I live in the thriving metropolis of East London. The infrastruture deteriorates by them week.

On the one hand the Finances of the coutry are in good hands and the rest is wobbling. As you know there are just too many people people. You must see the squatter camps.

I really need help and I am even will to look at some sort of Financial split.
On something that is fairly niche I come across sites with 200 000 links.'
I would not dream of going there, So I need to come up with a different idea.

If you have any viable schemes then let me know - I will really appreciate it.
thanks mike


Hi Mike,

I'm not from the Cape, but have good friends who are and over the years it certainly seems familiar to me. So, welcome!

Are squatter's camps a step below the townships then? I've seen how hard life is in those townships ... I guess you witnessed our versions of it here in the USA when hurricane Katrina made our situations known to the world as well.

What kind of IT interests you these days?

About those niches, those are usually pretty well kept secrets by affiliates, but if you listen and read ... sometimes it sparks ideas and then, you're off and running.

Lynn Quario

New Member
Welcome Mike,
That is what is so great about forums you get to meet people from all over the world. Good luck to you from another newbie on board!

Best Wishes,




Hello Lyn

It is too early for an American. Where are you from?

Can I ask a quick question? I am a little ignorant still. Let us say we have a subject "x" which is not a niche. But below it there are 8 sub-subjects which are all niches. Is that the kind of thing I should be looking for.

The one I am thinking of does involve prescription medication which adsense does not allow. If I put the medication into a different domain without adsense in it do you think I could work around the problem.

sorrry to hassle with a question


An answer to your questions to Lynn

HI there, Tamewasp

The rules for Adsense programs can be found at:

Interpretation, of inferences is addressed at:

I stand to be corrected, and welcome all insights, the inference of ToC in terms of material breaches of policies (found at, and guidelines (found at is very clear.

Specifically to answer your question to Lynn Quario,

"Let us say we have a subject "x" which is not a niche. But below it there are 8 sub-subjects which are all niches. Is that the kind of thing I should be looking for?"

The answer to this question requires some systemic thinking, a good reference-point would be OOA/OOD object-oriented methodology, and before you go to sleep I'll give you the potted version...

There are 2 key structures in OOA/OOD...

1) Generalisation - Specialisation Structure
A specialisation is an instance of inherited attributes of a generalisation, therefore to answer your question succinctly...

At what ever level it occurs in the Generalisation-Specialisation hierarchy, If the Generalisation is identified by Google as prohibitive, it follows that any specialisation (niche or not) would be deemed inheriting attributes from the generalisation, therefore they should be regarded as prohibitive... I suggest you confirm this directly with Google...

2) Classes - Objects Structure
Every object is derived from a higher class; each object inherits the fundamental attributes of the class above, and adds to it, thereby differentiating itself but having the use of all class derived functionality.

It follows, that what you may regard as a niche is in fact true, however as (1), the same rulings would apply...

"The one I am thinking of does involve prescription medication which Adsense does not allow. If I put the medication into a different domain without Adsense in it do you think I could work around the problem?"

To answer this question, the best point of reference is Google (see links above), If you would like an opinion, without prejudice... If you are the owner, or have vested interest, or undue influence of any particular domain, and if you solicit, infer, coheres or otherwise affect communications (all forms, digital incl.) that circumvent to any degree in what ever form the operating rules, guidelines, and terms, you would be in breach of contract.

From the statement above you should be able to answer your question...

Hope that helps...



Wow !

Things like Object-Orientated Methodologies and Artificial Intelligence were lectured after I left university but I have come to realize that I personnaly have a hassle with Artificial Intelligence.
Just joking. Thanks for the lengthy explanation.
I had already chatted to Google last week and they wanted to see the context in which the prescription drugs were written about. There is obviously an area up to where they allow you to go and then it stops. So they want to see a trial website.

On the other subject let me give a simple example. Let me look at the motor industry. If you type in "motor car" you going to get half a billion. If we now
go down a level and type in "chrysler" or "ford" or "dodge" or "mercedes-benz"
then we start moving towards a niche. And that is what I was talking about because in terms of keywords generally the upper word does not relate to the lower and yet the lower still makes sense. In many other areas you can't do this eg: forex - next level down would be forex training. So I guess I answered my own question with your help.