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Hello From Seduction/Dating Blog Land!

Asian Playboy

Well, I thought I'd drop in and say hello to my fellow denizens of this forum.

You could say I'm the "Asian Hitch." I coach and instruct men on how to seduce and date women using a lecture format followed by field work at a bar/club scene. Specifically, I do 1on1 coaching for Asian men, so I get to do some traveling like to Atlanta, Canada, California and New York. On occassion I also do group bootcamps.

Basically, it's a nice side job that allows me to travel, help my fellow man, get laid and get paid.

I run a somewhat unique blog in that I share various stories, tactics, and whatnot to the readers to both entertain and educate. I recently added some commercial elements like monthly newsletter, affiliate campaigns and google adsense. The affiliate campaign, so far, has earned me nice commissions, though nothing terrific.

My blog is a very niche blog in an already niche community so I don't know how big I can actually grow it. Any advice, critique, and suggestion is welcome.