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Hello from Saskatchewan


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I'm new to this forum and interested in learning about niche affiliate marketing opportunities. I've been gradually working in affiliate marketing for the past 8 months having completed several SEO courses from Search Engine Workshop and affiliate guru James Martell.

Look forward to many discusions in this forum


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Welcome to 5 Star, danmayna.

James Martell is a 5 Star member.

You may have noticed that one of the Sub-Forums of the General Topics Affiliate Forum is our Niche Marketing Forum. You should find some interesting information there.

We also look forward to having you participate in some of our discussions.

Linda Buquet

Hey danmayna,

Welcome to 5 Star. Another Canuck among us. :)
Sounds like you've done your homework and are ready to start earning.
Have you picked your ideal 1st niche to focus on yet?


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Hi Linda,

I'm looking for a niche for a 2nd web site. I have a 5 month old web site that is earning me approximately $500 a month with 100 visits a day to my site and a CTR of 30% to the merchant. Most of my visits are from long-tail keyword phrases while I am still trying to get positioning with my more competitive keywords on Google. I'm #1 to #3 for all of my competitive keyword phrases on MSN.

I built my 1st site using XSitePRo but think that was a mistake as I believe my site doesn't make as good an impression as I would like given the limitations of that software. I now use Dreamweaver.

My site reviews digital pianos and has data feeds from the merchant as well. I really try to stay away from sales pitches on my site and try to pre-sell by providing good content.

I am doing this on a part time basis as I work full time. I now have my wife involved in helping me build my one-way links by distributing my articles. So I am hoping to build a new affiliate site and currently researching the best opportunity.

Looking forward