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Hello from Perth,Australia



Hello to you all,

My name is Brian and I am living in Perth, Western Australia.

I am a newbie to this game. I have been plugging away designing a site and knew nothing of this forum until this week when I stumbled across it.

I wish I had found it before but so glad I have found it now.

I am a 30 year old male currently trying to start up an Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing business/income to enable me to give up my full time job as a Police Officer (please don't judge me on that!!!).

Hopefully the Police Officer bit hasn't put you all off. I look forward to speaking with all of you as I have so many questions I don't know where to start.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Brian.

We have members from various occupations who are wanting to do well enough to leave their full time jobs and we have many members who have been able to reach that goal. It is something that can be done.

Since you've indicated that you are new to this, a good place for you to start would be our Newbie Affiliate Forum. Try to read as much there as you can.

I am glad you found us. Be sure to ask questions whenever you have any. This is a very helpful and friendly community.