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Hello From Oregon!

Hi Everyone!
I'm from the great willamette valley and I'm new to the forum, can somebody show me around?

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Linda Buquet

Hi Heuerproductions,

Welcome to 5 Star. I will show you around! You made lots of posts in the wrong forums that were self promotional and not allowed, so I copied one of them to your intro post above where a little self promo is allowed, then deleted the others.

After you contribute with discussions and have 10 posts, you can post an ad down in the ad section.

Thanks for joining us.

Linda Buquet

No problem. I think if you read the rules and the forum comments on the home page it should be pretty clear. Ads and self promotion are only allowed in the 1st intro post and then after 10 posts in the ads and offers sections. The other areas are for topic discussions mainly.

Sorry about the avatar

It seems that i'm messing up right and left.. have you ever felt that way?
It must be due to my medications :D It makes me feel alot woosy!
Any other medical marijuana patients out there?

My husband spanks me, but in a nice way. ;)
If you've got a wet noodle I'm game :p