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Hello From Montreal, Canada


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Hi everyone!

Looks like there is a lot of people from around the world here! My goal with this forum is to provide tips, give advises or answer questions as I might find good tips, advises from others and ask questions as well, expecting to have good answers to help me move forward.

I started online business last summer (2006) by trying, experimenting, wasting money, buying leads, traffic blasting packages and spreading myself right and left into opportunity of the week hoping to make a quick buck effortless. I realize network marketing and business online are serious stuff :) So these are the reasons why I'm here and if I can only give a tip to someone to avoid those mistakes, I will have contributed to this forum!

However, experience of failing is worth a lots in this industry, a 6 month crash course and hit walls with few thousands dollars lost... I'm focus to one thing now, my business! I know better what's working and what's not working but I still have to learn, we all need to learn consistantly.

So I wish to have good exchange with everybody out there and help others.

Look forward to talk to you soon!

Yan :)


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Welcome to 5 Star, Yan.

You are right, we do have members from around the world, including a lot from Canada.

It sounds as if you have a very good attitude. It is always good to hear that a person wants to help others.

You should enjoy 5 Star. It is a very friendly forum with very helpful members, so you should feel right at home.

We look forward to your participation.

Linda Buquet

HI Yan,

Welcome to 5 Star. Good you've learned and grown and want to help others now. Sounds like you probably feel into the common newbie deadend of promoting make money online, Internet Marketing and webmaster related programs. The worst place to start.

Even though you've tried, failed and learned you may want to read some of the stickies in our newbie forum which hold valuable lessons even for more experienced marketers.

Jump into some discussions when you're ready to ask questions or share your experiences.


Welcome Yan,

It is great to see another member from Montreal. Are you getting ready for the summer?

Welcome to 5 star aka *****, enjoy!


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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your word. We are lucky to live in Montreal for the summer time, there is so much to do.


Hi Yan,

It's wonderful to see another Montrealer in the forums. And I too am a fan of the summer activities in this city. I'm also a fan of hot, humid and sunny weather.



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Welcome Yan,

Me too in the beginner spent quite a bit of money and lose focus at the beginning.

Thanks God, now I finally grasp it and continue to move forward in my business. Hope you enjoy learning and sharing in the forum!