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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Hello from Michigan, US


Hello all!

I am looking forward to learning many tips and techniques from the members here to make my online ventures successful!
Can't wait to get started and make great contacts!

See ya inside! ;)



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Welcome to 5 Star, Woody.

You should be able to learn many techniques and find some valuable tips here at 5 Star. You will find a lot of information here.

Our members are very helpful and can answer your questions about what to do, what not to do, what works and what doesn't work.


Thank you very much, Larwee! That was the first welcome I've recv'd from any forum admin.!

Looking forward to my experience here!


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Woody, we take a lot of personal interest in our members here at 5 Star.

You will see the owner here a lot answering questions and providing helpful information for the members.

I participate in the forums and help members who are having problems with the 5 Star forums in private by private messages.

Our moderators give very good answers to questions.

The friendly 5 Star members are the ones who really make 5 Star what it is by their participation.

The staff does everything possible to try to make 5 Star Forums as helpful, pleasant and useful as we can.

It is good to see that you have a good impression of us.

Linda Buquet

Hey Woody,

Welcome to 5 Star. Now you have 2 welcomes from a forum administrator
and one from the owner. How's that for friendly?

Hey you may want to ditch your email address. Never put your email address in forums. Most people wont email you anyway and the spam bots will pick it up and you will get so much spam you wont be able to get through your inbox.

If you really feel you need to show your email (which trust me - won't get you much) then format it like myname AT mysite DOT com or something so the bots wont get it and sell it to a million spammers.


New Member
Hi Woody,

I am quite new to the forum too. However, people in this forum are make you feel like you know them for years. They are very kind and friendly. :)