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Hello from Mediterranean Sea


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Hello everybody,

I am a software developer from Turkey. Our team is focused on developing affiliate tools for affiliate marketers. We have 2 software right now. If you are interested in them, please download and eveluate (They are freeware). Also, you can contact me via PM.

I would be happy if i can get your thought about our softwares.



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Free Affiliate Software

Hi Linda,

I forgot that I made this post. It was more than 1 year ago. I came across to it today. If your suggestion on this thread is still valid I would like to make a post about our software.


Linda Buquet

HI, so sorry I haven't replied to your PM yet.

Normally we don't allow self promotion, but I know lots of affiliates may be interested so go ahead and post in the general forum.

BE SURE to put at the top of your post "Linda authorized this post" - so one of my mods does not delete it.

Be sure its just informational and not a hard sell.


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Thank you

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your kindness. I will take into consideration your comments while making the post.

Best regards