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Hello From London


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Just thought I would say Hi. I am from the UK and have been playing around with Internet marketing for a few months. I have my own product that I sell on clickbank. But I want to learn how to be an affect affiliate marketer. I also want to get away from click bank products a little and sell other things I am particularly interested in things with on going income like membership sites etc.

Anyway I won't bore you anymore, you'll get to know that I am a talker when I get going. So apologies in advance. :(


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Welcome to 5 Star, joecool.

You should be able to learn how to become an effective affiliate marketer. We have lots of information here for you to read plus we have some very helpful members.

Since the Introduce Yourself Forum is only for introductions and welcome messages, you'll be able to ask question, get ideas and discuss all of your issues in appropriate forums such as our Newbie Affiliate Forum and General Topics Affiliate Forum.

If you are a talker you are in the right place. We like for people to talk.

Steve Morris

Hey Joecool good to see others from the UK ,welcome its a great place to pick up some great information.
I agree with you about clickbank seems about the right time for a move away from digital information products.