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Hello from catalonia.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by POLLITO122, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    I've been in IM 4 years, in the past i won 2000€ ( a 200% ROI) a day in a single campaign in adwords with spanish traffic, that was very easy to convert, but they did not pay me. Then i moved to Us network some 20 months ago, and i tried to promote submits with leadimpact, with an EPC of $0,25 but the click was costing me like $1, then the popup died... I also tried google adwords that is in CPC, but they banned my websitefirst because of the redircts to affiliate links, then i thoght that i could harvest emails and send them the offer, but the review team said that i was harvesting emails with the promise of free coupons, so that after 6 months i got my website approved by promoting adult dating instead of submits. But the adwords is sending a lot of junk traffick, so i have a lot of clicks and 0 conversions, and when i erase the junk traffick, the campaign has no traffick at all.
    During this six months i also tried my trick of harvesting the email and send them the offer, and my EPC became $0,65 because there are a lot of people that enters fake emails, and when a auto scrubbers finds that you send fake emails drops your EPC very quicly, so if you redirect to the aff link just after the man confirms his email I had 50% of conversions, and a very steady EPC of $0,65 (1 out of 2 confirmed emails/clicks converted). But the cost of leadimpcat was still higher. Then I moved to adult dating, normal dating, normal dating+POF,adult dating in 2nd tier countries...I have also tried adult dating with traffic holder, that is skimmed traffic. because i didn't had nowhere to promote submits (the adcenter sends me very few traffic). But now i wil promote the submits with seven search. And as the volume sends to be very small, i will gradually promote 6 or 7 niches of submits that i have fond that could be profiteble, then i will promote adult dating with seven search (because the niche is by far bigger than the submits). And then i should be able to raise enough funds to begin using the massive adult traffic sources, like traffick junky, juicy ads...

    As i've Seen in these traffic source that promotes traffic from youporn and 4 or 5 websites more (i do not remember the name of the traffic source). That there are advertisers that spend like $25.000 in a day in just this traffic source, i think that an initial objective of $100,000 a day (i don't say $36,5 million a year, because i would not be an entire year or mont without scalling) after scalling all these traffic sources, is quite reasonable for me.
  2. newbidder
  3. Matt

    Matt Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Welcome to the forum.

    From what I am aware Google don't like affiliate links, best to stay away. I haven't used Adwords for years.

    Hope things get better!
  4. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Welcome to CPAFIX :)
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Welcome man, i think you're referring to ExoClick?
  6. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    exoclick is another massive adult traffic source, but i searched for the name of it, and the source i thing is trafficjunky, where you can see the bidders with his bid and daily budget, so i've seen a company that i thing that has the exgirlfriend site with a budget of like $25000 a day in just one website, and the network has at least 8 giant adult traffic websites. Then if you visit any of the websites of the network, you can see a lot of times the ad of this advertiser because it's top bidder.

    The problem of this kind of networks is that they are usually CPM and the min daily budget is $20 or $50 a day, then there is juicyads that has also very cheap CPC but a min deposit of $400 or so and also a big min daily spent. So if you have a terrible budget, you cannot aford it.
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    You don't HAVE to use their RON modal - JuicyAds.com Case study + Juicy Ads Review. - Blogs - Cost Per Action And CPA Marketing | CPAFix Affiliate Forum

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