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Hello From Canada!


Hello, from Ottawa, Ontario.

I've been lurking on this wonderful forum for a month now, gaining tips and learning a lot. So, felt it was time for me to join this great community and learn more and interact with the great people here. :)


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Welcome to 5 Star, Emperor.

You join the very long list of members we have in Canada.

I always tell lurkers that it is much more fun to be a member than it is to just be a lurker.

I am glad you like what you saw when you were a lurker and it made you decide to become a member. You have a lot more benefits as a member. As you said, you can interact with the members.

We are pleased to have you as a member.

Linda Buquet

Welcome Emperor. I keep saying we need to change our name to the
Canadian affiliate forum.

Between James Martell, all the ShareResults team and all the other canucks we have here, you'd think they are trying to take over the board. :p

SOOOOO good to know there is such a big thriving affiliate community in Canada and so happy you guys all choose to travel way down here to hang out with us!


Hi Emperor

Welcome to 5 star! It is good to see another friendly Canadian (Though I am not originally from Canada).

Are you enjoying the summer? So far it has not been too good but this week has started off with warm weather and sunny skies.