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Hello from a Norwegian newbie


My name is Kjell Roger Eriksen (Shell) and I am from Norway. The place where supposedly we are rich already, however I have noticed that yet so I figured I'll do something about it myself!.

I'm 36 years old but brand new to "making money online" in general. About a month since I caved into it and started reading, trying to get abit organized. Spent hundreds and hundreds of hours so far, getting to learn different apps, extensions, sorting the scams from opportunities. It is A LOT to dive into as I have never used computers as my main tool work-wise.

The reason I started to study this line of work and dedicating all of my time is by the fact....I probably have the most odd explanation to how I got into this.... Im gaming mmo's, it have been world of warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars 2, I have more or less always been the server's wealthy player. As I specialized into the economy, calculating and using all them applications ^^). One day I thought....... Why don't I transfer the commitment and dedication to RL, and see if it can work ?!............. From the looks of it, it may do

My plan is to dedicate myself to this full time and never hear the alarm-buzz again !
Hope to get some likeminded friends along the way, as the journey so far. With all the agony and frustration, has been rather lonely

Sincerely Erik the Norwegian

chuck rivers

Hey,there,kroeriks! :cool:

Welcome to Affiliate Fix,here you will definitely find many resources,information & methods to make money online & you're right,there's a lot of learning about the subject!

Hopefully you won't be lonely anymore,as we always are an interactive community here in this ''line of work'',as you call it!

Best of luck & see you around! :ninja: