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Hello! Dazed and confused from utah


New Member
Hi all!
I'm very new to all of this affiliate marketing stuff and hope to gain some insights from all you pros.

I've been running and managing our offers on some networks and doing email lead gen, but I really want to work with the affiliates to get a bunch of new offers "out there".

I will gratiously accept any advice, tips, tricks, and the like and hope to meet some new people, make some new friends, and learn what its going to take to get my offers running smooth online.

Sure appreciate ya!


Linda Buquet

Hello Dazed and confused from utah,

Welcome Paul thanks for joining us. Hope we can help un-daze you or at least not baffle you with "you know what". We try to be pros, but in reality we all learn from each other.

Glad you are here!


New Member

Thanks for the warm welcome Linda!

It will be great to dive in and start meeting affiliates and make some heads or tails out of all of this. I hope this forum gets huge and we can all swap ideas openly that will benefit us all.

Anyone else out there feel free to introduce yourself!



welcome at least you know your dazed and confused... that's ore then most in utah will admit.... :D

what are you sellin..?? if it's a biz op.. your in the wrong forum...



New Member
Good Morning!

Thanks Stephanie, glad to be here.

Joe, not every company from utah sells biz opp! I am proud to say we do not! We're a consumer products company selling personal care products not cans of air. ( If you've worked with biz opp people you know what I mean)

Good to meet you.