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Hello Another Newbie



Hi, my name is Eric... I am Canadian! :p I'm a self proclaimed web developer, except I've been away 4 years :eek: Missed a lot.. Looks like there was a big boom the year I left... lots of free time but dont know where to start. Seems like dishonest methods would be the only way to start quickly, without taking a year. I can't blog about blogging when I don't have experience blogging, without just rewriting articles I read. Climbing the ladder of regular sites, splogs, rss sharing sites, backlink spammed sites, etc. on top of most people not giving your site a chance unless it's a top site, or being suspicious. My niche is quite filled.. This is gonna be quite a challenge.

Linda Buquet

Hi Daemn,

Welcome to 5 Star. Welcome back the the world of the web.
Aren't you glad you are back? :p All kinds of fun new stuff to deal with now!
Hope we can help you find good resources and get off to a good new start.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Eric.

5 Star seems to be attracting a lot of members from Canada.

You might be facing a challenge, but not an impossible one. Many of our members have success stories, and you could be another.

Stick around, read some of what is here at 5 Star. Ask a few questions and our members might be able to help point you in the right direction.


Hi Eric,
Welcome to the forums, I hope you have a wonderful time here and that you're not afraid to ask questions.

As for not being able to blog about blogging because you don't have any experience with it, that's not entirely true. You can blog about the process of learning to blog. Quite a few bloggers have done it and gained noteriety from it.

Doing something like that shows your audience that you're learning, you're willing to take changes in your learning, and that you're human. All wonderful things.

Instead of looking at it as a challenge, look at it as an adventure. And document everything you experience on that adventure. You never know, it may turn out to be fun. :)

~ Teli