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Tyler Champley

New Member
Hello All

Thought I would jump right into these forums and introduce myself. As you can see, my username is also my real name. I'm currently located in Bellevue, Washington. My background ranges from music marketing and concert promotion to Web development to affiliate marketing. I ran some of the earliest music online gorilla marketing campaigns. I currently consult for several concert promotion companies and am a concert venue owner. I'm also a HTML/CSS/PHP/etc developer. I'm currently running affiliate programs for several leading online education companies. Simply put, if it involves online marketing, I'm very much into it. I'm looking forward to meeting more like-minded people here and exploring ideas.




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Welcome to 5 Star, Tyler.

You have a very interesting background.

I think you will enjoy being a member of our friendly community and you will meet some people who have something in common with you.

Linda Buquet

Hey Tyler,

Welcome to 5 Star. It's great to have another experienced
webpreneur among us. Hope you find lots of discussions you
can contribute to. Jump in when ready! :p